Privacy Policy

Seth A. Leeb Architect is concerned with the privacy of all people who visit this website. We are committed to protecting everybody to the best of our ability, and will do our best to ensure your privacy when visiting this site. Therefore, we have outlined our privacy practices below for your review.

Data Collection
For every page that is visited, the following information may be collected from the user: Browser type and version, Operating System, page visited, referrer URL, time/date of visit, IP address of user. This data is collected as an aggregate, and will never* be used to target you specifically as a user under normal circumstances. This data is stored securely, and is not used in efforts to determine advertising trends, nor is any personally identifiable information used to serve advertisements to any user.

*Exceptions to policies regarding personally identifiable information
We openly collect information which can potentially identify a person in certain instances where the security and privacy of Seth A. Leeb Architect principals are sensitive, for example, the [Contact Us] page. This information is generally just the visitor's IP Address. Whenever information is collected in this manner, a clear notice is made on the page before submission. The information will not be used in any manner except to ensure the integrity of our security. We will comply with any legal entities whom require this information via subpoena.

Cookies are not used by Seth A. Leeb Architect on any pages of this website. If cookies are placed on your computer during your visit to, it is not the result of this website's code. We understand people have varying opinions on cookies, and have decided not to use them in any manner; this is so that those with cookies turned off will have the same experience as those with cookies on. Please [alert] the webmaster immediately if you are refusing cookies, but cookies are attempting to locate themselves on your computer during your visit.

Advertisements does not employ any third-party advertising on our site. If links are showing up as hyperlinks to advertisements or websites which seem irrelevant to our firm, or if you are seeing advertising on our site, you most likely have spyware installed on your computer. This spyware is adding these advertisements without our consent, and as a result, both you, the visitor, and we, the publisher, suffer. If you see any advertisements on our pages during your visit, we recommend performing a search for spyware on your computer. There are many spyware search and destroy programs available on the internet.

Personal Contact Information
By providing personal information to Seth A. Leeb Architect, you may potentially be providing your e-mail address and phone number to our system. We reserve the right to contact you via these methods. It will not be redistributed without your consent. You also may have the opportunity to present other contact information, such as phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, etc. Seth A. Leeb Architect will NEVER sell your address, e-mail address, or personal information under any circumstances.

Leeb-Architecture feels very strongly against spoofing code. We will never spoof, or attempt to hide, URLs or e-mail addresses from you.

When you use the xhtml/css validators, you are leaving the domain, and this privacy policy will no longer apply. These features open the 3rd party websites in a new window, so you can close that window to return to

While Seth A. Leeb Architect will do its best to ensure your privacy and security while on our website, visitors must understand that we will not be held accountable for damages while visiting this site. Spyware, virus attacks, internet attacks, and other malicious code are finding their way onto websites at an alarming rate. While we will do our best to keep you protected from these entities during your visit, it is the visitor's responsibility to protect his or her own computer.

Policy Changes
Seth A. Leeb Architect reserves the right to modify these privacy policies without prior notification. Any major modifications will result in prominent notification on the website.

Effective Jan 16th, 2009