5 of the Most Impressive Pieces of Commercial Architecture in NJ

  1. The RCA Victor Building, Camden: Known as the “Nipper Building” as it is crowned with the image of Nipper the dog looking into the horn of a phonograph player, it’s an iconic part of New Jersey’s industrial past. Designed in 1909 by Ballinger and Perrot, it’s a six-story industrial loft structure with a rusticated brick base and brick piers along its length. With massive metal windows that open between the piers headed by cast stone lintels, and walls capped with decorative cornices, it combines beautiful classical elements with industrial design.
  2. Rutgers Business School, Piscataway: Part of the master plan of redesigning Rutgers University, the business school forms the gateway to the Livingston Campus. An L-shaped building, it rises 60 feet to become a massive entranceway for traffic, forming the border between the campus and the local nature preserve. The recipient of the AIA Honor Award from AIA NJ, it is a design that focusses on non-programmable space and the transformation of the education system away from classrooms into collaborative spaces.
  3. Somerset County Courthouse, Somerville: Designed by James Riley Gordon with Everets Tracy and Edgarton Swartout, this building is a fantastic example of the American Renaissance period. Although it is a small public building, it imparts a feeling of grandness through its high basement, vaulted ceilings, marble steps and monumental portico.
  4. New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition & Health, Rutgers University, New Brunswick: Winner of the top Honor Award for built work by the AIA NJ in 2016, this building actively engages with the vision of the institute within it. With its transparency ensuring that you gaze out into nature and a large solar parasol, the building combines laboratories, teaching spaces and research clinics in one multi-discipline environment.
  5. Landis Theatre, Vineland: This building was originally opened in 1937 as a glamorous, Art Deco movie and Vaudeville theatre, with acts that included Abbott and Costello. Designed by William Lee, AIA, the structure combines the classic elements of this period’s architectural design, from curved walls (including a semi-circular marquee and ticket booth) and glass blocks meeting black Carrera glass, neon strip lighting and stainless steel. Recently refurbished, it’s known as the Landis Theatre Performing Arts Centre, complete with restaurant, theatre seating for 750 people and a 250-person banquet hall.

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