5 Problems That Occur When You Don’t Hire a Residential Architect

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It’s no secret that building a home takes money, the right attitude and plenty of preparation – but it also takes an experienced residential architect! It’s a huge project and it’s not something that many people have experience in doing, and not having the right New Jersey architects at your side can mean running into some of these common home-building problems.

  • You go over budget in a big way: The budget is one of the most important and most stressful parts of the build, and saving money is often one of the reasons people don’t hire an architect. Unfortunately, this can easily have the opposite result, leaving you with a half-finished home and no money to keep building. An architect will help cost out your project (usually with a 15% contingency spend for unforeseen extras), give you an expectation of spending, and help you stay on track. They also help you design within your budget to get you the most value, features and extras for your money.
  • Incorrect room measurements: Room measurements sound simple, but there’s a lot more to it – even if you’ve had experience with remodels. Issues like double-studded walls throw off the measurements of other rooms, depth of insulation needs to be added, and walls will differ in thickness whether they are load-bearing or not. This can throw off the whole finished look of your home, making rooms uncomfortable to use and disrupting flow.
  • The details are missing: The level of detail in a home is overwhelming, from how your carpet transitions to your tile, where your sink should be centered, and the different lights in each room, to where electrical switches and outlets should be located. Even selecting all your options with the assistance of an architect is hard work, so it’s no surprise that you can miss these details when building without someone. They sound like small things, but they have a big knock-on effect on how you use your home, the convenience and functionality of it, as well as the overall aesthetic.
  •  Hiring the wrong contractors: This can turn your dream home into a nightmare and cost a huge amount of money to correct. Poor quality contractors can leave you with endless problems, from dangerous structural issues to leaking plumbing, dangerous electrical systems and poor insulation – and that’s without considering their impact on your design itself. Architects are industry insiders who have worked with many local contractors and know exactly who to recommend to get the job done right. A good architect will have a list of recommendations that you can get quotes from, interview and even see their work in person.

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