5 Things to Consider When Designing your New Home

Building a new home is a complex, expensive and long-term project where the main focus is on ensuring that the result is a home that clients will love and enjoy for many years to come. Here are some tips from a top architect in NJ on a few things to consider when you first take on this project.

  1. Rooms: Decide what rooms you want in your home, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to whether you want an open plan living space, ensuite bathrooms and garages. Don’t forget specialty rooms like a workshop, office, laundry room, movie room or anything similar. Similarly, decide what outside spaces you want, including balconies, patio spaces or outdoor kitchen.
  2. Size: Deciding your square footage is one part of the equation, but don’t forget to think vertically too. Do you want any double-height spaces? To help visualize spaces, try mock them out with tape and stakes – and remember that it always looks smaller than the end result.
  3. Budget: The budget for a new home is determined on a very individual basis as each home is unique, but will include construction (materials, labor, fixtures, appliances, etc.), architect and engineering fees, and municipal or county fees as well as your furnishing and moving costs. Your architect will help you draw up plans within your budget, but it’s always important to have a contingency budget for unforeseen changes or issues of at least 15%.
  4. Site planning and property survey: A property survey is the first step in getting your drawings, as this determines where easements, boundaries and service areas are, how the rights of other property owners and local ordinances affect your build, and other important factors. The site planning process will then determine where you can build on your property to stay in line with various laws and zoning requirements. It will also help you determine how to position your home to maximize views, natural sunlight and so forth.
  5. Do design research: This is the enjoyable side of the process, so do as much design research as possible – preferably with plenty of images of what you like for both inside and the exterior of your home. This is essential for your architect to understand what you want to achieve with the end result.

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