A Basic Timeline for Building Your New Home

Residential Architect

Building a home is a large and complex project that, according to research by the 2016 Survey of Construction, takes about 6 months on average. However, the length of a project is influenced by a range of factors that can result in a building taking longer or shorter than this projection. Here are some insights from a NJ residential architect.

What Factors Can Influence the Time it Takes to Build Your Home? 

  • Custom or production homes: Production homes are faster at 4-6 month, while custom homes take 10-16 months on average to finish. The more unique, demanding or unusual your home’s style, the longer it may take to build.
  • Region and environment: The accessibility of your property for construction equipment, whether you’re in a rural area, small town or metro, and whether you’re in a mountainous or mid-Atlantic area all affects the timeline. For example, rural areas take 9 months on average while metros are around 7 months to completion. Weather can also be a factor in your build, as certain jobs take longer or cannot be done in rainy weather.
  • Unplanned changes: Unforeseen changes and changes made during the building process can also cause delays, whether this is an unanticipated site issue or last-minute changes to the home’s style or design.
  • Availability of contractors and supplies: Summer months are peak construction time, so it can be more difficult to get the necessary contractors on site exactly when you want them as they can be booked up on other jobs. Similarly, there may be delays on certain materials and fittings due to high demand.

Your Home’s Timeline 

  • The design phase: This can take around one to three months. This may sound long, but it’s important to get the design right for the client within their budget, and several designs may need to be created or refined before the final design is ready.
  • Contracts and permits: Signing contracts and getting approval for plans from the city can take around a month, and this approval must be in place before building can start. Your residential architect can act as project manager here also, setting up the construction schedule and booking contractors.
  • Construction: Your architect/project manager should be able to evaluate your project in greater detail to give you an accurate build timeline. It’s always a good idea to plan flexibly for a few unexpected delays, although your team will do everything they can to stick to the schedule.

Build Your Dream Home with New Jersey Home Architects 

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