A Guide to Different Roofing Types and Structures

Choosing the right shape and style roof is a critical part of designing your new home, and leading custom home architects can help talk you through the pros and cons of different options to find the perfect match. Here are some insights from a leading residential architect in NJ:

  • The A-Frame Roof: 

This roof is shaped like a capital letter “A”, with steeply angled sides that lead to the ground in order to form the roof and walls of the structure. It’s a roof-type that’s commonly seen in churches and cottages, and is well-suited to smaller homes.

  • The Gable Roof: 

This is the typical house roof style, with sloping sides that shelter your walls. These roofs are very versatile, and you can adapt the pitch, add dormers and even create elaborate gables in a Dutch style. These are very affordable roofs that can use a wide range of materials and are very effective at shedding water and snow.

  • The Flat Roof: 

These are commonly used on commercial and multi-family buildings, but are becoming popular for homes as well. They’re easy to build because they have no pitch or a tiny pitch, and you can easily install solar panels on these roofs if you’re building a green home. It’s often incorporated into modern homes. However, there are some challenges – they need regular waterproofing and good drainage as they collect rainwater and snow.

  • The Shed Roof: 

This is a one-way pitched roof design. It’s ideal for modern homes and allows you to greatly increase natural light and air coming into the house, as you can add striking perimeter windows into the design. Often this design works in conjunction with the proper orientation of the home for maximum passive solar gain.

  • The Gambrel Roof: 

This is another striking roof that is most commonly associated with Dutch-style barns. They are made of several long, flat sections that run the length of the building, each one set at an angle to create a cap-like shape. It’s a great idea if you love agricultural-inspired architecture or need lots of space, as the roof shape creates a vast and comfortable attic.

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