A Guide to Perfecting Your Home’s Lighting

When you’re building a home, you often have to make dozens of decisions in a single week – or even a day – on your home’s features, fixtures and fittings, including your home’s lighting. Here are three principals to use while considering how to light your home, from a leading residential architect in NJ.

When it Comes to Natural Light, Balance is Best

Making the most of natural light is a great trend in residential architecture, bringing beauty and warmth into your space as well as reducing energy bills. Creating a balance with natural light means designing a home and rooms to have just the right amount of sunlight – ensuring they are warm and light in cool months, and gently shaded in the summer heat. To achieve this, architects position a home to face with its yard to the west and street side to the east. Landscaping, skylights, eaves, dormers and porticos all help to filter and control the flow of light into your home.

Colors and Surfaces 

The effect of light in a single room can change dramatically according to the materials and colors used within it. Dark countertops and flooring add depth by absorbing light and a glossy polished finish can make it glamorously reflective. Dark paint colors similarly absorb light, adding depth – but only if strategically done. Light colors reflect light the best, creating bright spaces and warm colors help bring the feel of sunshine into a space.

Know Your Types of Lighting 

Lighting a home effectively is about taking a unique approach to each space rather than a uniform solution. Kitchens and workspaces need clear, bright lighting for functional reasons especially over work surfaces. Dining spaces, lounges and bedrooms need softer lighting for ambience, balanced with focused lighting points like lamps for reading or detail work. Lighting is also about adding a sense of style to your home, whether through vintage hanging Edison bulbs for an industrial look, retro kitchen pendants to create character over your kitchen island or breakfast bar, or an elaborate modern statement piece to form a focal point over your dining table.

Insight and Comprehensive Services from an Experienced Residential Architect NJ 

With 20 years of experience on new residential building projects and home remodels, the architecture firm of Seth A. Leeb knows that the secret to creating outstanding homes is building a great client relationship. As a full-service New Jersey residential architects, we are able to assist our clients all the way from site analysis and design conception through the construction of their home itself. For more information on our residential architecture design services in New Jersey and to start planning your project with custom home architects, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/

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