A Guide to Sustainable Commercial Architecture

Green and sustainable construction and design trends are increasing their impact on commercial architecture through 2018, and all indicators show that a more environmentally-friendly approach to designing, building and running commercial properties is here to stay. Here are some insights into sustainable commercial architecture, from a leading commercial architect in NJ.

What is Sustainable Commercial Architecture All About? 

This is about taking an environmentally-conscious approach to every aspect of your building’s design, not simply placing solar panels on a roof and calling it a green building.

  • It’s about long-term benefits – In contrast to a culture of immediate gratification, this approach is about long-term benefits – significant ones. From reducing operational costs to ensuring buildings stand and operate efficiently for decades to come, to creating an environment and community that supports a highly productive and low-carbon culture.
  • Making the environment work for you – Designed the right way, buildings can take advantage of what the specific geographical weather and climate of the environment that they’ll exist in to reap considerable benefits. Using innovative technology and design, buildings can use the environment to heat and cool the air with minimal expense or utilize sunshine to supplement lighting needs.
  • Functional, practical recycling – Sustainable construction materials are more useful and affordable than ever, reducing waste and environmental impact as well as building expenses. Recycled content can be fully or partially made of reclaimed materials and includes steel, tire shreds and rubber, fly and bottom ash, blast-furnace slag, cement kiln dust, silica fume, reclaimed asphalt pavement and many more. This can also easily extend into décor through reclaimed wood flooring, cork flooring, recycled bricks, recycled or sustainable insulation, and even recycled plastic.

Commit to Going Green and Achieve a Net Zero Building 

Meeting sustainable building requirements is about so many things – reducing environmental impact, meeting the increasingly high demand for green design, creating a unique marketing platform and also accessing government incentives. This has become such a strong force that net zero buildings – those that sustainably produce 100% of the energy they need to operate on-site on a net annual basis – are a reality in sectors across the USA and the world.

Find Out More from a Leading Commercial Architect in NJ 

The New Jersey architectural firm of Seth A. Leeb offers full-service solutions for commercial building design projects in the New Jersey area. With 20 years of experience in the commercial architecture industry in restaurant, hospitality, office and dental office design, we can provide the expertise, skills and innovative thinking you need to create a workplace that fits your vision and embodies your brand. For more information on working with us or to find out more about architectural design in NJ, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/

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