Arts and Crafts Homes – Historical Design that Never Gets Old

Arts and Crafts home

Have you heard of Arts and Crafts architecture, but aren’t sure what it is, where it originated, or how popular it is? You’ve probably seen many Arts and Crafts homes over the years, even if you weren’t aware of the architectural style. In this article, we’ll share a bit more about why we love this historical design and why it’s still popular with many homeowners and architects today. 

What is Arts and Crafts architecture?

This architectural style emerged in the early 19th century in both Great Britain and America, and was a response to modernization and industrialization across the building industry. The Arts and Crafts movement advocated for craftsmanship and handiwork, both of which came under threat by mass production, and encouraged people to embrace traditional craftsmanship when building their homes. 

What are some modern examples of Arts and Crafts architecture?

Bungalows, certain English country-style homes, certain French and Dutch colonial homes are designed in the Arts and Crafts style. These homes often have easily identifiable features including:

  • Open floor plans
  • Thatched roofs
  • Asymmetry
  • Native materials like wood, stone, stucco, and brick
  • Exposed beams
  • A focus on traditional building styles and craftsmanship 

Why is this architectural style still popular?

Similar to their 19th-century counterparts, many people love Arts and Crafts architecture because it’s unique, individual, and focuses on well-made, traditional designs. You’ve probably driven through neighborhoods where all of the homes look very similar, and while this may be a preferred style for some people, Arts and Crafts enthusiasts love the uniqueness of craftsman homes because they stand out without being too flashy. Arts and Crafts architecture also allows you to incorporate older, more traditional building styles without looking dated, and many people love the quaint look.

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If you’re interested in Arts and Crafts architecture and want to know more about what’s possible, our residential architect will be happy to discuss it in more detail. Whether you want an Arts and Crafts kitchen, an extension added to your home, or you’re interested in building a new house from the ground up, there are many ways to incorporate Arts and Crafts architecture into your home. 

If you live in a community and are concerned that an Arts and Crafts style home would stand out, our architects have built many craftsman homes that blend beautifully into all different kinds of housing communities. Get in touch with us and learn more about what’s possible. 

For more information about residential architecture design, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Seth A. Leeb Architect today. 

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