Arts and Crafts Architecture

Arts and Crafts Architecture Designed With Simplicity

What is a craftsman style home? The term "Arts and Crafts" refers to the early 19th-century British and American movement to revive handicrafts. The movement was also the inspiration behind the Craftsman and bungalow open floor plan architectural styles that we know today.

Our development of custom home plans showcasing inspirations from English Country, French County, & Dutch Colonial Styles gives us a unique edge in the arts and crafts architecture realm.

We create new craftsman style home plans incorporating Craftsman style aesthetics including: detailing and cabinetry, fengshui concepts, and maximum living spaces that can easily blend into a community of older, traditional homes.

Craftsman Style Home Design Traits:

  • Open floor plan concept
  • They can be 1 - 2 stories
  • Typically handcrafted wooden, built-in cabinetry including as buffets, bookcases, colonnades
  • Fireplace, brick or native stone
  • Usually designed with a low-pitched roof, hipped and gabled. Roof lines may be complex and cross gabled
  • Only natural materials specific to location used
  • They come with dormers: shed, gabled, hipped
  • Unique custom features such as inglenooks and window seats
  • Substantially covered porches with overhangs
  • Shingle, lapped, and stucco siding is common.

Distinct Craftsman Style Home Plans

If you are searching for craftsman style home plans, Seth Leeb makes it easy. We design unique front porches, gabled roofs and brackets or timber detailing as well as open modern interior designs to complement the traditional Craftsman-style home plan.Craftsman style homes typically come with low rooflines and exposed rafters. We design craftsman homes built for functionality that are useful and easy to maintain.

Arts and Crafts architecture includes bungalows and homes in Craftsman, Prairie, and Spanish Mission styles. Contact us today and collaborate with us to dream up your ideal Arts & Crafts Architecture Design.