What is the Best Way to Restore a Historic Home?

What is the Best Way to Restore a Historic Home?

Renovating a historic home can be a very exciting process. Especially, since there are decades, sometimes centuries, of history within the house! However, to properly honor the home’s heritage, there are certain architectural and design principles you need to follow. Here’s what our team of residential architects in NJ recommend you do when restoring a historic home:

  • First, consult with an architect who has experience restoring old homes. Your architect will survey the home and help you understand what’s possible. They’ll also let you know what’s not possible in order to preserve the architectural heritage, for example, if you can’t add any additional rooms or bathrooms. 
  • Have the roof, plumbing, and HVAC systems inspected and upgraded if necessary. Old homes often come with old insides that are screaming for maintenance! After putting a plan together, the first step in restoring the home is to ensure the plumbing and other electrical systems work, and that the roof is sound and leak-proof. 
  • Replace things like radiators, flooring, windows, and doors. Some of these things might still be in good condition, but some may need upgrading in order to retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. 
  • Decide what to do with the walls. Do you want to repaint? Remove any outdated 70s style wallpaper that’s peeling off in a few spots? 
  • Clean or replace the fixtures and fittings. Things like light fixtures, door knobs, and door handles may have the old historic charm that you love, and a deep cleaning can get them looking good as new again. 

What is The Value of Restoring Historic Buildings?

Restoring a public historic building is a way to commemorate the past, while mixing traditional design with modern touches. Many people enjoy the design, the style, and the craftsmanship that comes with historic architecture and restoring buildings allows them to shine. Public historic buildings are often popular tourist attractions that stand out from the surrounding area for their unique charm and beauty. 

Unlocking the Secrets of Historic Building Preservation

If you’re eager to know more about historic building preservation, your first stop should be your local library. The librarian onsite will be able to guide you to books featuring the historic buildings in your city, and there may even be a historic building preservation group that meets at the library or community center on a regular basis. 

You might also want to explore the laws and guidelines in your city regarding historic building preservation. Each town has rules and regulations that must be followed when preserving historic buildings, and these rules can guide you in interpreting any preservation work being done in your area. 

If you have a historic home that you’d like to update, yet preserve as much of its architectural heritage as possible, please contact Seth A. Leeb Architects today or visit our website at: https://leeb-architecture.com/

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