25 Nov 2020

How the focus on health and safety is impacting design and architecture

Many people across the country have returned to their workplaces, but our offices are now dramatically different than they were at this time last year. COVID-19 has caused us all to shine a spotlight on health and safety, and our workplaces have all been affected as we strive to create and maintain hygienic environments for everyone. While we all know how important it is to frequently wash our hands and stay at least six feet away from others, architecture and […]

28 Oct 2020
commercial office building design plans NJ

Ask your Architect about workplace safety and sanitization

Health and safety at work has taken on a much different meaning as we deal with COVID-19. Business owners across the country are investing in workplace safety and sanitation measures to keep staff safe, keep the environment as clean as possible, and to make the return to work go smoothly for staff. If you’re unsure about what you can do to improve the overall health and hygiene of your workplace, your commercial architect can give you guidance.  How can I […]

15 Oct 2020

Hire an Architectural company to design a safer healthier work space

Workplace health and safety is at the forefront of commercial architecture now more than ever before. As we adjust to the changes brought about by COVID-19, and as offices and other workplaces begin opening and people start returning to work, many companies are considering re-designing their buildings in order to provide a safer, healthier work space. Making these important changes can seem overwhelming, but we recommend working with a commercial architect who can help ensure your workplace is as safe […]

28 Sep 2020

Exterior Architectural Design Tips for Commercial Buildings

Architects are responsible for creating beautiful, functional commercial spaces for public use, and designing a memorable exterior is important because it determines peoples’ first impression. Many of us may not even realize it, but according to a study by the Guggenheim Lab, we are all strongly affected by a building’s façade. For example, we experience positive feelings when we walk by an interesting, complex façade, and we experience negative feelings if the façade is monotonous and too simple. There are […]

14 Sep 2020
commercial office building design plans NJ

Tips for Designing an Open Plan Office Space

Commercial architecture determines the way people use a space and the way they feel while they’re in the space, so when designing an open plan office it’s important to get it right. Large and small companies across the country have embraced open plan office design, getting rid cubicles, individual offices, and other partitioned areas. So how can you design an open plan office that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and maximizes the use of the space? Here are a few tips: Incorporate […]