08 Feb 2024

An Introduction to Craftsman Style Homes in New Jersey

Craftsman style homes aren’t going anywhere, especially in New Jersey. Historical or period-based residential additions and renovations are a particular specialty of Seth A. Leeb Architect, and we have worked on several in Mountain Lakes. No matter the project, we ensure our work fits seamlessly into a building’s character and surroundings. Our firm also designs new Craftsman style home plans, incorporating Craftsman aesthetics such as detailing and cabinetry. The designs easily blend into a community of older, traditional homes, so […]

01 Feb 2024

5 Essential Design Tips for Kitchen Remodel

Researching design tips for a kitchen remodel? You have come to the right place! We are often consulted on renovations for larger kitchens, especially when structural changes are considered. Additions and renovations have been our speciality for twenty-five years and counting. But for us at Seth A. Leeb Architect, the best part of home renovations are the ideas that come out of conversations with clients. That being said, we’re going to share our five essential design tips to consider for […]

09 Jan 2024
Hybrid Office Design_ A Guide for Architects and Employers

Hybrid Office Design: A Guide for Architects and Employers

Hybrid office design is now standard practice across the board. Some companies still require employees to be in the office full-time, while many others offer a permanent hybrid work alternative. Gallup states that hybrid workers are, on average, coming into the office three days per week, which requires a rethink of modern office architecture. We need innovative office spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of hybrid work. That being said, our team of architects in NJ have put together a […]

02 Jan 2024
Adaptive Reuse_ A New Vision for Historic Preservation

Adaptive Reuse: A New Vision for Historic Preservation

Every historic building tells a story. With adaptive reuse, you add another chapter to its story by turning the building into an asset for the community. Or at the very least, repurpose the building for another use rather than have it be a liability and an eyesore. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), adaptive reuse is the “redesign and alteration of a building to support a new function it was not originally intended to serve.” Examples of adaptive […]

12 Dec 2023
How Residential Architecture is Responding to Climate Change

How Residential Architecture is Responding to Climate Change

Climate change is something every industry, including architecture, has started  adapting to. Building residential architecture that is made for the ever-changing weather challenges like extreme hot temperatures, flooding, and storms has become an integral part of the future.  Climate adaptation in architecture has changed to increase sustainability and the safety of the people who reside in homes that experience extreme weather patterns. Our team of residential architects in NJ takes a closer look below:  Evolution of Climate-Responsive Residential Architecture Climate […]