15 Sep 2023
What is the Best Way to Restore a Historic Home?

What is the Best Way to Restore a Historic Home?

Renovating a historic home can be a very exciting process. Especially, since there are decades, sometimes centuries, of history within the house! However, to properly honor the home’s heritage, there are certain architectural and design principles you need to follow. Here’s what our team of residential architects in NJ recommend you do when restoring a historic home: First, consult with an architect who has experience restoring old homes. Your architect will survey the home and help you understand what’s possible. […]

05 Sep 2023
The Role Architecture Plays in Inclusive Communities

The Role Architecture Plays in Inclusive Communities

Did you know that architecture plays a big role in creating and maintaining inclusive communities? An inclusive community is one in which every member is valued, and where everyone’s needs are met. It also upholds the values of treating everyone with respect, making everyone feel welcomed, and ensuring everyone has access to necessary resources. While the relationship between the two might not be immediately apparent to those who aren’t familiar with the industry, architecture does in fact facilitate inclusivity. Here’s […]

08 Aug 2023
The Impact of Biophilic Design on Workplace Productivity

How Biophilic Design Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Biophilic design has changed how we think about creating workspaces. By bringing natural elements into the built environment, biophilic design creates a peaceful and productive atmosphere that significantly affects how people are in the workplace. In this article, our team of commercial architects in NJ discuss the biophilic design concept and how it can change the way people work for the better.  What is “Biophilic Design” and How Does it Affect Work Environments? Biophilic design is a new way of […]

01 Aug 2023
Designing Functional & Aesthetic Commercial Workspaces

Best Practices for Designing Functional & Aesthetic Commercial Workspaces

The design of office spaces is an integral part of making companies valuable and friendly places to work and visit. Your workplace should inspire and motivate employees, as well as help them work more efficiently. To find this delicate balance of inspiring workers while boosting productivity, careful consideration needs to be given to how the space is designed, planned, and decorated. At Seth A. Leeb Architecture in NJ, we focus on making business spaces that meet the specific needs of […]

11 Jul 2023
Seth A Leeb Architects_ Why Hire An Expert For Your Residential Design_

Seth A Leeb Architects: Why Hire An Expert For Your Residential Design?

You demand nothing less than the best for your residential architecture project – as you should. It’s more than a prestigious project, it is your home. The place where you and your family will live and thrive every single day. There’s a lot that goes into  designing and constructing your dream house. At a base level, it takes a significant investment and the skills and direction of experts who can take your vision and make it a reality. Fortunately, we […]