Building a Custom Home? Tips to Smooth the Decision-Making Process

Building your dream home is a complex project and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process, especially when you’re confronted by the hundreds of decisions you’ll have to make! Here are some tips from a leading residential architect on how to make this a little easier – and your home an even bigger success.

  • Don’t wait to mention big changes: It’s normal to want to tweak your home’s architectural design even when the building is in process, but any change – especially a big one – needs to be mentioned as soon as possible to your team. Things like adding a fireplace or window, or moving a wall can have a dramatic impact on the design and construction of your home, even affecting major structural areas, so the sooner you talk to your architect and contractor, the better.
  • Keep track of your choices: There are hundreds of choices to be made when constructing a home, so it’s easy to forget what options your team suggested and what you chose. Start early with a big notebook and gather product samples to catalogue and write down every choice you make. This is the perfect reference for when you do have a moment to breathe and make a final decision on paint colors, door handles, lights, cabinet finishes and all the rest. Everything is about your personal taste, so you need a clear record of what your options are if you’re going to get the result you want.
  • Don’t over-customize: Building a home is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you’ll want to get everything just right. However, unless you have a limitless budget, customizing every single feature is going to make your home unaffordable. It’s also important for resale purposes, where over-customized homes simply don’t suit most people and it’s difficult to find a buyer. Instead, standardize your basic features and customize smaller stuff to add personality.

Custom Home Plans from Your New Jersey Residential Architect 

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