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02 Jan 2024
Adaptive Reuse_ A New Vision for Historic Preservation

Adaptive Reuse: A New Vision for Historic Preservation

Every historic building tells a story. With adaptive reuse, you add another chapter to its story by turning the building into an asset for the community. Or at the very least, repurpose the building for another use rather than have it be a liability and an eyesore. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), adaptive reuse is the “redesign and alteration of a building to support a new function it was not originally intended to serve.” Examples of adaptive […]

07 Nov 2023
The Psychology of Architectural Design in Homes and Offices

The Psychology of Architectural Design in Homes and Offices

Did you know that design choices have a big influence on emotions, productivity, and well-being? The psychology of architectural design is something that architects are very in-tune with. Both residential and commercial architects must take into account the feelings, moods, and emotional states their spaces will evoke. In this article, we’ll explore some core elements of the psychology of architectural design, and how you can incorporate these components into your home or office space.  Understanding The Interplay Between Architecture and […]

13 Jun 2023
Why you should opt for sustainable architecture designs

The Undeniable Benefits of Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture might just sound like buzz words that contractors throw around to seem more environmentally-friendly. However, architects who are conscious about sustainability and reducing the impact they have on their local environment take it very seriously. Sustainable architecture design can be used for both residential and commercial projects, and at Seth A Leeb we proudly integrate sustainable practices into all elements of our process. One major way we have done this is by building Net Zero houses and single-family […]

06 Jun 2023
4 Reasons to Choose Our Innovative Architectural Design Services

4 Reasons to Choose Our Innovative Architectural Design Services

At Seth A Leeb Architecture, we are proud to offer innovative architectural design services for both residential and commercial projects. If you’re in the market for an architect, then you know that choosing a qualified one is essential to the success of your build. Aside from having all the necessary qualifications, the right architect should be able to conceive your vision, act as the main point of contact for all contractors involved and lead you through every step of the […]

14 Feb 2023
Essential questions to ask an architect

Questions You Should Always Ask Your Architect

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from scratch, hiring the right architect is a critical part of the process for you. But what questions should you ask when interviewing potential architects? How do you know which architect is best for you? Our team has put together this helpful list to guide you through the architect interview process.  What Services Do You Offer? Different architects offer different scopes of services, and some of the most common services include:   Managing […]