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19 Oct 2021
Architectural design

Levels of Architectural Design Service

When you hear the phrase “architectural design,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of designing a house from scratch, or perhaps you think of remodeling an existing room in your house. Residential architects offer a range of design services and every project will require a different combination of involvement and skills.  In this article, we’ll discuss the different service levels typically offered by residential architects. If you have any questions about which level of service is best for your […]

05 Oct 2021
Remodeling: 5 Things You Should Consider

Remodeling: 5 Things You Should Consider 

Is it time to remodel your home? Remodeling is fun and exciting, but it also requires careful planning and preparation. So whether you’re remodeling just one room in your house or your entire home, our residential architects in NJ have put together a helpful list of five tips that will prepare you for the project ahead. 

14 Sep 2021
How architects select contractors for their projects

How architects select contractors for their projects

An architect may be the first person who comes to mind when you think of building a home, but from beginning to end, the architect will be involved with many different teams and individuals. One of the most important partnerships an architect will have during the construction process is with a contractor. A contractor is the person responsible for finding the right subcontractors and other construction professionals who will complete the job to the highest standard. The contractor also manages […]

19 May 2021

Trends in Commercial Architecture: Part 2

Thank you for joining us for Part 2! For those who may have missed Part 1, we’re continuing our discussion about the trends we’re seeing in commercial architecture. Similar to all art forms, architecture evolves as the decades pass. Commercial architecture trends also emerge due to observed changes in the utilization of space, peoples’ attitudes, and the overall function of work spaces. In this article, the team at Seth A. Leeb Architect will examine each trend closely and discuss ways […]

07 May 2021

Trends in Commercial Architecture: Part 1 

Commercial architecture is constantly changing and evolving, and in this article we’ll explore some of the new, exciting trends we’re seeing in commercial buildings and their interior design. While building designers know that there are certain classic architectural elements that many people like, they also understand these classic elements can be reinvented in ways that maximize space and enhance the overall aesthetic of a building. Let’s take a look at some of the latest commercial architecture trends in the industry […]