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14 Dec 2021
Our top kitchen design tips

Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Renovations

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting process, and one that requires a clear plan. Kitchen design may seem simple on the surface, but there are many things to consider and many decisions that must be made before you can start. Did we mention how easy it is for anyone to get carried away with their new kitchen remodel? That’s why it’s important to do a lot of research beforehand, to ensure you don’t succumb to common kitchen renovation mistakes. Luckily, […]

07 Dec 2021
Understanding Sustainable Practices in Residential Design

Understanding Sustainable Practices in Residential Design

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or making upgrades to your current home, incorporating sustainable building practices is a great way to make your home more energy efficient while reducing your impact on the environment. So-called “green” and eco-friendly architectural practices aren’t just a trend; sustainable residential architecture is important as we continue to address the effects of climate change, and understand more about how we can make a difference with our personal choices.  In this article, our […]

16 Nov 2021
What you should know before building a new home

What you should know before building a new home

Building your dream home from scratch is an enticing idea because you can have everything built to your exact specifications. No matter how much research you do, the best tips for building your house will undoubtedly come from people who have gone through the process before. In order to help you prepare for the home building journey, our architects spoke with homeowners who shared what you should know before building a new home.  You must be flexible with timelines. We’ve […]

09 Nov 2021

Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Home Architects

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? If it’s time for an upgrade and you’re ready to build the bathroom of your dreams, our architects have put together this helpful list of bathroom remodeling tips to make the process as easy as possible. While you might think that your ideal bathroom is too expensive to become a reality, you’d be surprised how much you can do with a smaller budget!  Bathroom renovations can be tricky because most bathrooms are small, […]

19 Oct 2021
Architectural design

Levels of Architectural Design Service

When you hear the phrase “architectural design,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of designing a house from scratch, or perhaps you think of remodeling an existing room in your house. Residential architects offer a range of design services and every project will require a different combination of involvement and skills.  In this article, we’ll discuss the different service levels typically offered by residential architects. If you have any questions about which level of service is best for your […]