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08 Aug 2023
The Impact of Biophilic Design on Workplace Productivity

How Biophilic Design Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Biophilic design has changed how we think about creating workspaces. By bringing natural elements into the built environment, biophilic design creates a peaceful and productive atmosphere that significantly affects how people are in the workplace. In this article, our team of commercial architects in NJ discuss the biophilic design concept and how it can change the way people work for the better.  What is “Biophilic Design” and How Does it Affect Work Environments? Biophilic design is a new way of […]

01 Aug 2023
Designing Functional & Aesthetic Commercial Workspaces

Best Practices for Designing Functional & Aesthetic Commercial Workspaces

The design of office spaces is an integral part of making companies valuable and friendly places to work and visit. Your workplace should inspire and motivate employees, as well as help them work more efficiently. To find this delicate balance of inspiring workers while boosting productivity, careful consideration needs to be given to how the space is designed, planned, and decorated. At Seth A. Leeb Architecture in NJ, we focus on making business spaces that meet the specific needs of […]

06 Jul 2021

Commercial Architecture FAQs

Commercial architects design a variety of buildings for public use, including schools, office buildings, train stations, hospitals, restaurants and many more. Building designers who specialize in commercial architecture have different sets of concerns and considerations than residential architects. When it comes to exterior and interior architectural factors, there are many differences when designing for a public space vs. someone’s personalized home. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial architecture and how it differs […]

06 Jan 2021
Commercial architect

What Types of Projects do Commercial Architects Work on?

When you hear the word “architect,” you probably think of big houses and sleek apartment buildings. However, architects build much more than residential spaces. Think about all the places you go over the course of an average week: to work, to school, to the gym, to the grocery store, and many more. Commercial architects are responsible for designing and building almost all of the buildings you set foot in when you leave the house. Commercial architects design and build: Hotels. […]

01 Jan 2021
Commercial architect

Assembling Your Space Planning Team

As we continue dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking to commercial architects for advice on how to design their workplaces to maximize the health and safety of everyone. While it may not be possible to tear down the whole building and start from scratch, there are certain modifications you can make to your workspaces that create a safer environment and improve indoor air quality. If you’re in the process of assembling your space planning team to develop a […]