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17 Dec 2018

Is There Asbestos in Your Commercial Building? How to Remodel Safely

Most people think that asbestos is only a problem that’s found in buildings constructed before 1970, but it’s not true. Asbestos can, by law, still be used in construction and is commonly found in exterior siding insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, wallboards and much more. If you’re planning to remodel, here are some helpful insights from specialists in commercial architecture in NJ. Is Asbestos in Commercial Buildings Safe?  The general consensus is that asbestos is safe in commercial buildings if […]

19 Nov 2018

Commercial Building Classifications in NJ

In the State of New Jersey, commercial buildings are coded to determine the value of the building, both to the tenant and to guide property investors. As this can have a significant impact on your investment or business operations, it’s important to understand these codes. Here’s some insight from a commercial building architect in NJ. Class A – The Top of the Class Class A buildings offer the best quality at the highest price range. These buildings are usually newer […]

18 Jun 2018

How to Keep Commercial Building Costs On-Budget

Commercial building projects are highly complex and demanding – and it’s important that they not only stay on schedule, but that they stay on budget too. While unforeseen circumstances can push both of these goals out, there are ways recommended by Commercial architecture in NJ  to help prevent delays and rising costs. Know the Weak Points in Commercial Building Design and Construction Projects  When a commercial building project is facing delays and rising costs, there are several areas where weak […]

21 May 2018

The Key Aspects of Successful Commercial Architecture

Commercial building design is very different from residential buildings, although both are required to meet specific regulations for safety and structural integrity as well as building codes set by the city or municipality. Here are the key ways in which these projects differ, from a leading commercial building architect in NJ. Building needs: While residential projects focus on meeting a single need – providing living space – commercial projects have many different purposes, sometimes within the same project. Retail buildings […]

19 Mar 2018

Inspiring Ideas for Green, Sustainable Commercial Buildings

Green or sustainable building designs are an interesting challenge for a commercial architect, and thanks to a drive for large-scale eco-friendly solutions, there are some wonderful opportunities out there that can be included in commercial office building design plans in NJ and around the USA. Not only do these solutions earn your company sustainability points, they’re also responsibly for significantly lower energy costs, access to tax credits, and ideal for building loyalty with an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base. Passive […]