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06 Jun 2024

Designing Small Spaces for Optimum Functionality

Designing small spaces continues to be a viral trend in the interior design industry. We see van life social media influencers sharing tips and tiny home episodes on HGTV. The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) acknowledges through its AIA Small Project Award the importance of using architectural design to enhance small spaces that are functional, but still fit into their environment.    Enhancing small spaces requires us to create an illusion of more space. We use color, light, and the placement […]

08 Apr 2024

How to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

When it comes to home interiors, do you have champagne and caviar taste but with a beer and nuts type of budget? Welcome to the club. Fortunately, there are ways to reflect elegance in home design without breaking the bank. Seth Leeb Architect specializes in custom residential architecture in New Jersey, as well as home additions and renovations. We work with modern construction and arts & crafts style homes, but in everything we do, we try to create a sense […]

07 Dec 2021
Understanding Sustainable Practices in Residential Design

Understanding Sustainable Practices in Residential Design

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or making upgrades to your current home, incorporating sustainable building practices is a great way to make your home more energy efficient while reducing your impact on the environment. So-called “green” and eco-friendly architectural practices aren’t just a trend; sustainable residential architecture is important as we continue to address the effects of climate change, and understand more about how we can make a difference with our personal choices.  In this article, our […]

11 Aug 2021
Popular residential architectural styles

Popular residential architectural styles: Part 2

In Part 1, we covered a wide range of popular residential architectural styles. Now for Part 2, we’ll continue our exploration of various residential styles you’ll find throughout the U.S. Whether you’re designing your own home or you simply appreciate great architecture, we know you’ll be inspired by the classic characteristics and unique nuances of each style! Georgian Colonial This style is characterized by rigid exterior symmetry, both with the shape of the building and window and door placement. Inspired […]

13 Jul 2021

Popular residential architectural styles: Part 1

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or you’re simply an admirer of great architecture, exploring popular residential architectural styles is both fun and informative. Our team of NJ architects have been designing homes for over 20 years. From modest 3 bedroom ranches, to multimillion dollar custom mansions at the Jersey shore, we’ve designed according to many popular architectural styles. Getting that “wow” factor for your home on budget – this is what our team does best. With that […]