Custom Home Architecture

Seth Leeb and his team have been designing custom homes for over 20 years. Our homes range from modest 3 bedroom ranches, to multimillion dollar custom mansions at the Jersey shore, and everything in between.

We think our creativity sets us apart. It’s easy to design an amazing house when you have a massive budget for architectural services. But getting something functional, unique, and creative when your budget is limited is much harder.

Getting that “wow” factor on budget. This is what we do best.

See our gallery of custom designed homes across New Jersey below:

Custom Home Design Services That Go Beyond the Blueprint

In these custom NJ home designs we have the ability to design and specify much more than the blueprints your builder and town will need. Essentially we can take care of every element of the design depending on your budget and your vision. We have an experienced team that understands and manages plan approvals with your town, and the changes that occur through the design process. We design landscaping and even specific custom furniture that completes your interior. And much much more.

Energy Efficient Custom Home Design

If you aren’t thinking about this in current design plans, you should be. We work hard to get every client the systems and layout that maximizes energy efficiency. Technologies like geothermal heating, solar, or modern heat pump systems are no stranger to us. Some of these systems need to be incorporated into your construction from the beginning in order to be cost effective and maximize efficiency.

Custom homes designed in New Jersey are different that those in other area’s of the country. We have four seasons, and the occasional nasty winter. The cost of your energy can easily get out of control. We help you understand your choices and plan the best system for you from the beginning.

Luxury Home Designs

Do you have a very specific vision of what your custom home design must look like and wonder if it’s even possible to execute? Is your design more than 4000 square feet? We work with homeowners to transform their luxury custom home visions into award winning realities.

We specialize in the development of new custom home plans, renovations, additions, high end remodeling projects and architectural detailing showcasing inspirations from English Country, French County, & Arts and Crafts Styles. We have a particular expertise in matching period specific interior and exterior requirements using modern materials that are both energy efficient and cost effective.

Our unique talent lies in their ability to bring many different design styles to fruition, and to elevate each home to a work of art yet at the same time highly functionally.

A Custom Home Should Have a Personal Touch

Buying online home plans that anyone can use, is the exact opposite of building a “Custom” home. If you are unique enough to think about building a custom home in NJ, then you should be thinking about hiring an experienced New Jersey architect to make your unique vision a reality.