Definitions of Different Residential Architecture Design Styles.

An architectural style is characterized by the features that make a building or other structure notable or historically identifiable. Ever looked at a building and wondered whats its style? There are many architectural clues to consider, Each type of architecture has a history to it and has lived through several periods, gathering traits as it ages. We’ve selected 5 key styles and their characteristics to identify types of home architecture styles.

Log Home

Log homes originated as small cabins in the 1600s and are said to be structurally the same as a log cabin. Log homes are most often found in rural settings but can be built in any location. The area and its climate will determine which wood should be used. now built in any location but are most often found in a rural setting. However, the climate of the surrounding area dictates the type of wood that should be used to build the home.

Cape Cod.

Cape cod homes were inspired by Britain’s thatched cottages, and the first one being built in the 1600s. Where most ost of today’s Cape Cods was built after World War II. The style includes windows flanking the front door, dormer windows up top and cedar shingles.


Contemporary Style homes are the popular modern-era houses between the 1960s to 1970s. Some people consider contemporary and modern architecture to be fundamentally the same. However, contemporary refers to modern building styles, which differ in design and appearance. Both styles are similar as they look to connect indoors and outdoors creating an open plan feel, but contemporary homes focus on energy efficiency, sustainable materials, lots of natural light and the use of recycled non-toxic materials. Common in this style is the large plate glass windows allowing natural sunlight to come through showing off with a natural look of wood or stones and some geometrical shapes like rounds and rectangles. This style does not have too much detail and rather boasts of clean and smooth textures and lines. 


Colonial architecture originated in the 1600s and had may variations due to due to the variety of early American settlers. Colonial architecture can be identified by evenly spaced shuttered windows. Dormers, columns, and chimneys are also evenly placed to complement the formal style. The style was made known by its love of geometry, several changes were made by the United States to make the structure less vulnerable from the changing climate.


The first rance homes were built in the 1930s and copied after rural Western ranches. Ranch architecture bears an imperceptible similarity to the modern style designed with easy access to the outdoors and open floor plans. Exterior detail may differ but most ranch homes can be characterized by an attached garage, lengthy, dense ground profile and minimalistic character that uses a few of both interior and exterior decors. Some of the common names of Ranch architecture are American ranch, California ranch, rancher or rambler. The ranch is a local architectural style that originated in the US.

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