Signs that it’s Time to Build an Addition to Expand your Kitchen

Signs that it's time to build an addition to expand your kitchen

The kitchen is often the liveliest room in the house. While everyone has their own separate bedrooms, your kitchen is the place where you and your family come together to eat, to catch up at the end of a long day, to entertain guests, and to simply sit together with a refreshing cup of tea. Perhaps your family has grown over the years and your small kitchen is no longer suitable for your home. Are you ready to build an addition to expand your kitchen? Here are some signs that it’s time.

Normal-sized appliances don’t fit…

If your smaller fridge and stove are no longer sufficient for your family’s needs, but you don’t think any normal-sized appliances will fit, it’s probably time to expand your kitchen. Although you think your space might be too small, an experienced residential architect can work with your space and create an addition that makes the space feel more open, suits your family’s needs and is well within your budget. 

…and neither does your family

Does it feel crowded or cramped when everyone is in the kitchen together, enjoying a coffee on a lazy Saturday morning? Are you having to twist and turn to walk around each other, while being careful not to bump into anything? It’s especially noticeable if you like to cook together as a family and there’s simply no space to accommodate everyone. 

It’s not a multifunctional space

People use their kitchens for many different things, often simultaneously. Some people like to sit at the kitchen table and pay their bills, others like to sit with their laptops and get some work done, and most like to cook or bake in their free time. Ideally your family has space to do all of these things at the same time with adequate space for everyone. If not, it’s time to expand your small kitchen

It doesn’t match your style

Are your cabinets outdated? Are you longing for newer, chic countertops? Do your appliances scream 1980s? Expanding your kitchen is a great opportunity to update the design as well, and an architect can help you design the kitchen of your dreams, while staying under budget. 

Why you need an architect to design your kitchen addition

Residential architects are experienced in making the most of the space you have. When you partner with an architect they’ll help you understand what’s possible, and they can help prevent costly mistakes. Designing the kitchen of your dreams should be a fun, creative process and an experienced residential architect in NJ will support you every step of the way. 

If you’re ready to build an addition onto your house to expand your kitchen, or if you have any questions about the home-building process, please contact us today or visit us at: https://leeb-architecture.com/

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