Exterior Architectural Design Tips for Commercial Buildings

Architects are responsible for creating beautiful, functional commercial spaces for public use, and designing a memorable exterior is important because it determines peoples’ first impression. Many of us may not even realize it, but according to a study by the Guggenheim Lab, we are all strongly affected by a building’s façade. For example, we experience positive feelings when we walk by an interesting, complex façade, and we experience negative feelings if the façade is monotonous and too simple. There are also functional elements to consider when designing the exterior of a commercial building, and below are some top tips from an expert architect.

Design an entrance that entices people to come inside: Create a warm, welcoming feel using certain color combinations, lighting effects, and other elements like plants. You want people to see the entrance of your building and be drawn to it, and an architect can advise on how to best bring that feeling to life.

Use landscaping around the exterior: Plants, trees, and shrubbery make a space look more inviting, but this isn’t a matter of sticking one or two potted plants outside your building. Work with a landscape architect to figure out what will look best with your property, and be sure to research the native plants in your area, as these will grow more successfully. And it’s best to plan your landscaping ahead of time to give plants a chance to grow. 

Consider the window design and exterior lighting: Many commercial buildings opt for floor to ceiling windows, and these do look nice, but there are other options. People should be able to at least partially see into your space while passing. And when it comes to lighting, the exterior of your building should be well-lit in the evening. Place lights in areas to which you want to draw attention and around the entrance to create a warm, inviting glow. 

Combine at least two different colors: Color choice is crucial, and it’s one that many people spend a long time thinking about. Colors can help draw attention to certain parts of your building, and draw it away from others. Most architects recommend you use two shades of the same color, with the option to add a third contrasting color in little pops throughout. 

Work with an architect to design your ideal space

Architects have robust knowledge about designing the exterior of commercial buildings. They can help you create an exterior that creates the precise feeling you want, that draws people into your space, and that compliments the interior to create a cohesive environment. 

To learn more about architectural design, or if you’d like to speak with one of our architects about your design project, please contact us today. Discover why so many people choose us as their architect. We look forward to hearing from you.

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