First-Time Property Developer? Here’s Some Essential Advice


If you’re new to the world of property development, here are some tips from a leading architect in NJ on ensuring a smooth and successful project.

  • Do extensive research: Research is everything – it not only helps you find a project that suits your needs and budget, it helps you source a team who can deliver it. Online resources are a great source of information on both commercial and residential property development, but don’t stop there. Go and see similar projects in person, visit neighborhoods and open houses if you are considering residential projects and visit commercial buildings in your area.
  • Be prepared to pay for expertise: Anyone who is new to an industry is going to lack the experience to know what different services should cost – and there is always a temptation to go with the cheapest option. Speak to architects in the area who have experience and a good reputation and get as many quotes as you want to get a good idea of the fees and fee structure. Hiring someone who is cheap may be a disaster in the long-run – if their work is low quality, you’ll end up having to hire a second service provider to try and fix their work, costing you twice.
  • Ask for help: It’s always a good idea to talk to different contractors, architects and engineers to get a second or even third opinion, or just to get advice in general. Your local government building department often has a huge range of resources for free – including consultations with their architects and specialists who can advise you.
  • Be patient but firm: It’s easy to swing from one extreme to another when you’re new to property development – some people are too laid back and let their team take advantage of them, others call everyone for updates five times a day. It’s best to try stick to a middle ground – set up weekly progress meetings and push a little if things are slowing down but be reasonable and understanding – especially when dealing with permits and local council regulations.

Experienced Residential and Commercial Building Architect in NJ

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