Futuristic Architecture Styles Around The World

The Best Of Futuristic Architecture Styles

Architecture is constantly evolving and adapting to trends, consumer demand, and sustainability needs. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to knock down a part of your house and remodel it, or you’ve purchased a plot of land and you’re ready to begin your first home-building journey – it’s definitely worth being aware of the latest architecture trends from around the world. As a top architectural firm in NJ, we keep ourselves up to date on the latest trends, and we’re seeing these futuristic styles more and more frequently:

Sustainable Building Designs Focused On Nature

Sustainability is a buzz word in architecture, and for good reason. There’s a growing importance placed on incorporating natural elements into building designs, as well as using sustainable solutions like solar panels for energy. Sustainable home design includes several elements: first, is using recycled, repurposed, or second-hand materials for your build. Second is incorporating natural elements like a vertical garden or a rooftop garden. And third is using naturally sustainable materials like cork and bamboo that are eco-friendly. 

Modular Building Designs

Modular building is when parts of a building are constructed off site, in a controlled environment (usually a factory), then transported to the main building site and fitted together. Modular construction is increasingly popular because it’s faster and results in less material waste. It also isn’t delayed by bad weather, which reduces your overall timeline. Most of all, the modules are built in a safe, controlled environment with less risk to everyone involved. 

Building Arches

When you think of arches you probably think of gothic, medieval buildings, but arches are making a big comeback. People are opting to build arches over their front doors and entranceways, giving it a unique flair. And large, arched windows are a fantastic way to incorporate more natural light into your home. 

Interior And Outdoor Design Trends

Now that many of us are working from home at least several days a week, we understand the benefits of having some outdoor space to decompress and enjoy a change of scenery. We’re seeing people add outdoor lounges, installing floor-to-ceiling glass French doors, and knocking down a wall or two in order to create a cozy, comfortable outdoor space to hang out. 

Local NJ Architect Can Incorporate Futuristic Designs Into Your Home

If you’re interested in adding any of these futuristic designs into your home, please contact our architect Seth Leeb today. He has years of experience helping local homeowners and business owners remodel and upgrade their buildings in New Jersey. Even if you don’t think your existing space is suitable for an addition or a remodel, it’s worth speaking with Seth and understanding the art of the possible. 

If you’d like to know more about futuristic architecture styles, or if you have any other residential home design questions, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://leeb-architecture.com/

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