Great Smart Home Devices for Tech Lovers

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One of the trends that home remodel architects and interior designers have noted this year is the increasing demand for smart homes. With home tech devices becoming more user-friendly, practical and affordable than ever before, homeowners are embracing the role of technology in making their homes more connected and enjoyable to live in. Here are some of the most popular smart home devices and systems to include in your remodel.

  • Amazon Alexa: Alexa first arrived with the original Echo smart speaker but can now be found on a wide variety of speakers and smart devices, even on other brands like Sonos. Alexa products either have Alexa built into them or are compatible with Alexa devices, like thermostats, switches and TVs. Alexa is essentially a voice activated home assistant with a vast range of skills and can be set up to tune to your favorite radio station, answer questions, control your heating and lights, and much more.
  • Wink Hub 2: Not as well-known as Alexa, this home automation hub is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi as well as Z-Wave, Zigbee, Kidde and Lutron Clear Connect. It’s known for its reliability as well as its wide protocol support, and it’s simple to install even for beginners. It also works with Alexa voice commands for additional ease of use. It can pair with a wide range of devices, allowing you to control security cameras, lights, garage doors, doorbells, sensors and fans.
  • Ecobee: This is a smart thermostat, able to pair with home automation systems like Alexa and Wink Hub 2. It’s programmable, saves money on your energy bills and has intuitive features that automate heating and cooling to keep your home at the perfect temperature. It also senses whether people are home or not, automatically reducing heating and cooling while you’re out to reduce your energy bills by up to 23%.
  • Smart light bulbs: The Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs are one example of the smart light bulb product lineup. They’re LEDs, so they save on your energy costs, and can be paired with your home automation system to provide completely customized control. Lighting is controlled remotely and the bulbs have fun features that allow you to recreate sunrise and sunsets inside your home. In addition to LEDs for inside your home, there are also brands offering smart dimmers, outdoor lights and more.

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