Great Ways that Your Residential Architect Can Maximize Your Home’s Storage

When you’re first thinking about your new home’s design, storage may not be the first thing on your mind. But, getting this aspect of your architectural plans right will make living in your home truly a pleasure. Here are some interesting storage options to consider, from a leading residential architect:

  • Stair Landings

This is an awkward space in many homes and, as such, it is usually under-utilized. With a little forethought and consideration, these small spaces can become a cozy reading nook complete with bookshelves, a little home office or homework space, or even a pretty guest toilet that makes entertaining a breeze.

  • Integrated Display Shelves

Residential architect-designed integrated shelving and cabinetry can turn storage into a beautiful feature of your home. It can be built to frame windows and to add seating areas. It can even be custom-fitted to display art and sentimental items, creating a useful unit that not only stores away items within easy reach but also showcases your best decor.

  • Make Use of Dead Walls

So-called dead walls – ones that are structural but not large enough or positioned correctly to make use of in interior design – can quickly become functional with the help of a home architect. Storage and display functionality can be built into the wall’s structure, so you can make use of this otherwise useless space by displaying decorative items, art, books or even storing your wine collection. Think of walls around your staircase, hallways, and in smaller bedrooms. 

  • Raised Platforms and Floor Cabinets

When square footage is at a premium, it’s a good idea to use height for storage inspiration. Raised platforms that raise the floor level in spaces with high ceilings that cover part or all of the room deliver vast, useful space for storage. You can use them to store festive season items, seasonal clothing, suitcases and even guest mattresses with ease. Floor cabinets are another great idea if you’d like a more compartmentalized approach.

Find a Residential Architect that Delivers Your Home’s Full Potential

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