Helpful Tips for Remodeling your Apartment

Remodeling an apartment is a very different project to remodeling a home, simply because of the amount of space you’re working with. Here are some tips from a top residential architect in NJ.

  • Knock down walls: Knocking down certain walls can transform your space, enlarge rooms and get a layout that actually works for you. You will need input from your architect and contractor before you break out the hammer, however, as you need to be sure that the wall is not a structural necessity.
  • Open up the kitchen: Older apartment buildings tend to have small, enclosed kitchens that are dark and difficult to use. Instead, open up the kitchen and make it a centerpiece for your apartment. It is the perfect entertainment space, making your apartment feel bigger and often opening up space for bigger appliances.
  • Design your closets professionally: There’s more to a closet than shelves and some hanging space, and you’ll be amazed at how a professional closet design can solve so many of your storage problems without compromising your space! A custom design will ensure your exact needs are met for bedroom and living areas.
  • Know your alteration agreement: Co-ops and Condos have a contract known as an alteration agreement that stipulates what you are and are not allowed to do to your apartment in terms of remodeling. This includes the extent of your project, technical aspects, miscellaneous building rules as well as your responsibilities regarding noise, mess and deliveries. Make sure that everyone on your team has read the contract and adheres to the rules and regulations.

Choose a Professional Residential Architect for Your Apartment Remodel 

If you want to find out what a residential architect can offer you, it’s important that you speak to New Jersey architects who specialize in home remodels and has experience with apartment remodeling. This ensures that you get someone who understands these projects, is able to recommend great contractors, and who can work within your budget. Ask them about the projects they’ve recently completed – and even go and visit these homes to evaluate the quality of the work. This is your home that they will be working on, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it’s in good hands.

The firm of Seth A. Leeb is a full-service residential architect firm, and we have considerable experience working on residential projects, including apartment and home remodeling, as well as new builds. For more information on residential architecture services or to speak to a home architect in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/

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