Home Remodelling Trends of 2022

Are you thinking that it’s time to invest in a home renovation? There are several home remodeling trends we’re seeing grow in popularity. Whether you’re interested in re-doing your entire house or just a room or two, you may want to consider incorporating one or more of these trends. Renovations can breathe new life into your home, giving you a sense of freshness and renewal, while also adding value. Here are some of the most popular home remodeling trends we expect to see more of this year. 

Home office investments 

COVID-19 changed the barriers between work and home for many of us, and while some people have returned to an office, many of us are embracing the benefits of working from home full-time. This means investing in a comfortable and practical home office space so you aren’t sitting hunched over at your kitchen table in an uncomfortable chair. 

We’ve actually seen small companies take this trend to heart by designing office spaces for 5 to 10 people attached right to the owner’s home!  In the design below, Leeb-Architecture took the style and flow of this modern home to create a 1500 square foot office space and recording studio for the owner of a small marketing company. As you can see by the picture above, the office (on the left with the three windows ) looks like it’s always been there.  Careful, the commute from the other side of the house is tough!

Here are some process photos of the addition mentioned above.

Home office investments  Remodelling Trends

Outdoor space enhancements

If you have a back yard or a front yard, and you’ve been thinking about how you can make the best use of the space, why not consider some enhancements? During the past two years we’ve all been spending more time at home, and many homeowners have invested in things like awnings, outdoor kitchens and fire pits, pergola’s, and comfortable seating and dining areas. 

With beautiful spring weather on the way, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space with family, friends, and neighbors. You can host dinner parties, have game nights, and fully relax in your space.

Increased technology

You may have heard the term “smart home” – this term refers to homes that integrate technology throughout, including app-based thermostats, Google Home, voice-controlled light switches, and more. More recently, we’ve seen a huge increase in people using technology for interior design inspiration, staging, and architecture in general, with apps allowing you to visualize many different options. If you’re struggling to decide between two paint colors, or between several pieces of furniture, you can simply create some renderings using an app to determine which one you like best. 

Textured spaces

Flat, boring walls are out and textured walls are in. We’ve seen a huge increase in people opting for textured wallpaper and paint, as well as faux finishing that mimics the look of a textured surface, like a faux brick wall. Our eyes are drawn to textures and it’s a great way to add character to any room. 

Textures aren’t only for walls, however. Textured fabrics are very trendy right now, so whether you opt for textured throw pillows on your bed or textured upholstery for an armchair in your living room, this trend is a great way to add some fun and warmth to your space. 

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home and would like more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Seth Leeb Architects today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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