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Partner with an Architect to Bring your NJ Home Renovation to Life

Not every home renovation requires an architect, but it is safe to say that every home renovation can benefit from consulting one.

It all starts with your idea. Seth Leeb has been a specialist in both large and small home renovations for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on bringing your project to life while not requiring you to lose your life savings in the process.

Often the cost of hiring an architect for a small renovation, pays for itself in terms of the money they save you during construction. By being an expert on construction materials, New Jersey building codes, and construction techniques, and architect can design your house renovation so that it meets your overall budget.

But without a doubt, the best part of hiring an architect for your home renovation are the ideas that come out of our conversations together. We are aware of a million strategies for maximizing space, blending into existing structures, and creating a sense of elegance, beauty and functionality that will make you happy for years to come, and add maximum value to your home should you ever decide to sell it.

Here’s a few of the kinds of home renovation projects we have completed with New Jersey homeowners over the last 20 years.

Total Home Renovation

Whether you’re looking to completely tear down an existing house or gut one and rebuild it from the ground up we partner with you to plan both construction and demolition. If you need to live in part of the house while the construction is going on, we can help you plan your project so there is minimal interruption to your life.

House Refurbishment

Many of our clients simply want to “freshen up” or extend areas of their existing homes to make room for growing families, a home office, and the like. In these projects it is important to balance the integration into the existing look and flow of your home, with other factors like cost, materials, and potential upgrades. We have done refurbishment architecture for multi-million dollar Victorian homes, as well as a 3 bedroom cape. In both those projects, the same philosophy around attention to detail and design excellence exists within our firm.

Kitchen Renovations

We are often consulted on renovations to larger Kitchens, especially when structural changes are being considered like removing walls, lifting ceilings, etc. Our team will design every element of your Kitchen remodeling including:

  1. Layout of counterspace and appliances.
  2. Design of custom counter spaces.
  3. Cabinetry design – Unique to Seth Leeb architects is a competency in custom cabinet design. For the most unique, upscale look, we can create the furniture and cabinetry designs that go intimately and uniquely with your new Kitchen remodel.
  4. Use of granite, marble, and other stone products for spectacular looks.
  5. Flooring specifications.
  6. Full consideration of heating, lighting and electrical design.

There is actually much more that goes into the thoughtful design of a spectacular kitchen. The most important part is your imagination and how we help bring that to life.

Period Renovations

Seth A. Leeb has an expertise in bringing large scale period restorations to life. Whether you are considering a Victorian house renovation or the restoration of a beautiful but worn downturn of the century home, our team has studied the construction techniques used on older homes and is aware of how to use modern, cost effective materials and methods, to restore the original period look of your home. See our exterior renovation in West Orange NJ, to restore the façade of the entire main street as part of a period restoration.

Architects for Home Additions and Add-a-Level

When you’re looking for more space, adding an addition or raising the roof are two common choices for existing home remodeling projects. For these projects you definitely need an architect. Planning access to your new space, tying into existing walls and ceilings, and creating a proper roofline are just some of the key considerations that a competent home renovation architect will have to help you through.

Seth and his team have done hundreds of these projects both large and small over the last 20 years.


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