How Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry

drones in construction

Technology is constantly evolving and transforming the industries we work in as architects, from AI helping to envision and experience buildings before they are constructed to the high-tech infrastructure we include in new houses and commercial spaces. Another interesting technology that’s being incorporated into construction is camera drones, which have fast become a favorite on job sites throughout the USA and the world. Here’s some insight from a leading residential architect in NJ.

Uses of Drones in the Construction Industry

Drones have become far more than just high-tech toys in many industries. They’re used to film incredible high-definition footage from unique vantage points for sports events, concerts, advertisements, and much more. In construction, the drone’s agility, maneuverability, and video capabilities are also incredibly useful, which has caused many construction companies and specialists to adopt them for day-to-day use. These uses include:

Site Planning: 

Traditional surveying methods are very time-consuming and labor-intensive compared to an aerial site survey using a drone. A drone can deliver a bird’s eye view of the site in high-definition within a fraction of the time, and can be used to remotely examine the site in detail, even if it’s difficult to access on foot.


Within a few minutes, a drone can collect high-definition data about your construction site, allowing you and other stakeholders to view in detail the progress on a regular basis without having to visit the site in person. It’s very useful for architects and project managers working with clients who are unable to view the site on a regular basis, giving a detailed visual map of the project’s progress.

Safety and Surveillance: 

Drones are able to take much of the risk out of construction sites. They can easily survey tight spaces and/or high-risk areas and send back detailed footage, all without putting anyone at risk of injury. They can also be used to support site security by surveilling and recording footage of the site.

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