How School Buildings Support Learning

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Commercial building design isn’t just about designing a building that meets certain specifications, budgetary requirements or standards of aesthetic appeal – it’s about functionality too. Buildings like schools have to meet their purpose, support those within it as they teach, learn, administrate, and keep children safe.

Commercial Building Design Plays an Important Role in Learning 

Just as a hospital has to be designed around efficiency and care for patients, so schools can be designed to care for the needs of students and staff. An interesting study in the UK showed that simply moving an under-performing student from a standard classroom space into a space where commercial building design had been implemented to support students can result in a 16% improvement in performance.

Features of School Commercial Architecture in NJ 

Architectural design features that support students and can be found in well-designed learning environments include:

  • Technology Integration: Technology is integrated into the learning space for a seamless result throughout the school. This moves tech out of the limits of libraries and labs and into classrooms, common spaces, cafeterias, and campus. Accessibility is key, with networks stretching across campus to encourage collaboration, communication, and learning outside the classroom.
  • Open Layouts: Old design styles relied on closing off spaces and restricting lines of sight throughout the building. New architectural design features take features from cutting-edge open-plan offices and collaborative spaces to create a greater feeling of connectedness and space. This makes collaboration as well as supervision easier, with open learning spaces providing multi-use space for learning, classes, group work, relaxing, and more, all with easy oversight by teachers.
  • Outdoor Learning: With inspiration taken from tech companies like Google and Facebook, there’s a greater focus on outdoor learning and connectedness with the environment. Outdoor environments are well-known to boost creativity and reduce stress, giving a fresh perspective and helping students engage more successfully with their world and learning materials.
  • Safety and Security: The role of commercial building design in keeping students and staff safe and secure cannot be overstated. With the right design, schools are better positioned to not only deal with external threats, but also issues like bullying. Open spaces that are easily supervised are well-known to reduce incidents and opportunities for bullying behavior, creating a community of oversight without placing additional strain on staff. Double door entry points with video surveillance and screening technology help secure buildings from outside threats while preserving the openness and welcoming learning environment inside. The use of materials like bulletproof glass keeps a space open and transparent, yet it not only allows for rapid detection of a threat but also serves as a security measure to protect students and staff.

Award-Winning Design Team for Commercial Architecture in NJ 

At the award-winning Seth A. Leeb Architect firm, we specialize in balancing commercial building design requirements with the creative design touches that make these buildings truly exceptional. 

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