How To Design a New Home Office

Designing Your Custom Home Office

With millions of people now working from home at least part of the week, having a custom home office is essential to staying productive. You need a place where you can concentrate, be free of distractions, and get through your workday uninterrupted. Your home office should also feel comfortable and be aesthetically pleasing, so if you’re ready to design a new office space for yourself, consider incorporating the following elements. 

Industrial office design styles

Industrial interior design is a style we expect to see more of in 2023. It consists of many exposed materials like brick, concrete, and wood, textures that have a slightly worn-out look, like sanded walls and floors, and bold accent pieces. Envision a converted warehouse or a repurposed commercial building when going for an industrial design style – there will be a lot of exposed piping and other metalwork, large windows, wooden beams across the ceilings, and large light fixtures. 

Eco office design styles

Building a custom home office is a great opportunity to make the space eco friendly. With your home computer running all day, there will be other ways to offset your energy usage, such as installing LED light bulbs in the ceiling and in the lamps. You can also opt to use recycled materials for your remodel or renovation, and you can choose locally-sourced materials from sustainable contractors. 

We also recommend incorporating some green elements into your home office. Even a few small plants can really brighten up your space and contribute to clean air, and there are many low-maintenance indoor plants you can choose from. 

Flexible Work Spaces

You undoubtedly don’t want to sit at your desk for eight hours a day. Sometimes you need a little change of environment, so consider adding in a small table opposite your desk where you can take calls, type up your notes, or even take breaks throughout the day. Other members of your family may need to use your office after work hours, for example to study, so having several places to sit will be beneficial. 

Comfy and Ergonomic Design Styles

A comfortable work chair is the most important thing in your home office. We also recommend investing in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, an adjustable height desk, and blue light monitors that won’t hurt your eyes. People who work in offices are repeatedly told to get up and take breaks, give their eyes a rest, and to do little stretches throughout the day, so you should do the same. Investing in ergonomic office equipment for your home office is absolutely worth it. 

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