How to Design an Office Space that Makes You Feel at Home

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Recently, commercial building design and office design has been trending away from the look of a traditional workspace, and into something that is more like a home away from home. Commercial architecture in NJ is prioritizing productivity and creativity by embracing a pleasant, comfortable working space that reminds you of something out of a cozy home magazine rather than the rows of cubicles and cold fluorescent lighting of the past. Here are some insights into how to bring home comfort into the office:

  • Start with a Warm Welcome

A reception area used to be a high-impact introduction to a brand – an imposing, often intimidating introduction to the wealth and power of the firm behind it. However, now a warmer approach is seen as more effective. Focus on creating a welcoming and clutter-free space with plenty of room for traffic and deliveries. Ensure that there are comfortable chairs and sofas for waiting clients and job seekers, with complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks. Introduce plants and nature to soften your look, bring in plenty of natural light using windows and atriums, and have a few statement pieces of art to add color and visual interest.

Bring in Natural Light

One of the requests that architects most often get when designing a home is to maximize natural light – and it’s not hard to see why. We respond well to natural sunlight, which energizes us, is part of our natural rhythm, and is gentle on our eyes, cutting out the headaches and discomfort of harsh artificial lighting. This is great for productivity and wellness, as well as cutting down the costs of lighting your space.

  • Consider Entertainment
  • We love to have great spaces for entertaining in our homes, and this translates surprisingly well into commercial building design. Whether it’s a light and airy café space that can be used on a daily basis or a set of rooms that can be quickly and easily opened up to host larger events, an entertaining space is highly functional in a workplace. With a little design effort, it can become an attractive space to host office lunches, birthdays, and baby showers, or to host clients and suppliers for presentations, networking events, and more. By making the space flexible, you can break it up into individual private meeting rooms or even a boardroom when not in use for entertaining.

Expert Commercial Building Design and Construction Administration in New Jersey

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