How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Architect

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Building a home is usually a project that our clients have thought about and planned for over many years – even their entire lives – and your initial meeting with your architect is the first step towards bringing that dream to life. Here’s how to prepare for it to ensure you have all the information you need to go forward.

  • Create a project brief: This might sound intimidating, but it’s a very useful way of ensuring you are expressing your vision accurately to your architect and making sure you don’t miss anything out. Ask yourself what you want your home to be – think about the size of rooms, how many bedrooms or living areas, how many bathrooms, etc. Also include anything of particular importance, for example, if your site has any challenges, if you have a view you want to get the most of, or if you want your home to be single or double story.
  • Know your style: It is important to be ready to express what style of home appeals to you, whether it’s a steel-and-glass modernist box, an eco-home, or a traditional style with a twist. This not only helps your architect determine if you’re the right fit for their firm, but it will also give them inspiration during the design process. Feel free to bring in photographs, magazine clippings and even video that inspires you!
  • Know your budget: Designing and building a home can be an expensive process and you’ll need to have a firm idea of your budget so that your architect can work within it effectively. It’s also important to talk to your architect about your design priorities on the project so that they can include as many of those as possible in the design and compromise over less important features.
  • Talk about the service offering: Your architect needs to know what services you’ll require, and you’ll need to know what they can assist you with. Full-service architects can take care of a wide range of project needs, but you’ll need to decide what you’d like them to take on and what you’d prefer to handle yourselves. It is also important to discuss fees, frequency of project updates you’ll receive, frequency of site visits, and staying informed about things that may increase the cost of your project. If you’re unsure about a service, process or design aspect, it’s important that you ask as many questions as you want during this early stage.

The Secret to Your Dream Home is an Architect You Can Rely On 

With 20 years of experience, the architecture firm of Seth A. Leeb knows that the secret to creating outstanding homes is building a great client relationship. As a full-service architectural firm, we are able to assist our clients all the way from site analysis and design conception through the construction of their home itself. For more information on our residential architecture design services in New Jersey and to start planning your home, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/


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