How to Rezone a Residential Space for Commercial Use in NJ


Building conversions aren’t just trendy – they’re a highly-sustainable building practice, essentially recycling an unused residential building to a commercial space and offices that are convenient and essential to the local community. Here are some tips on how to rezone a building, from commercial architecture specialists in NJ.

Rezoning Basics

In NJ, most commercial zoning districts have a residential equivalent to make rezoning easier. It’s important to consult with an architect before you purchase a property with the idea of rezoning it so that they can properly review the property’s zoning and determine if rezoning is possible. Unfortunately, if rezoning to commercial is not possible, the project is unable to go ahead.

Your only option then is to go ahead and file for a zoning variance, which is a case for getting approval on developing a property in a manner that does not conform with the property’s current zoning. These can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to achieve – and there is no guarantee of success.

The next consideration is that any remodeling of the building or extensions have to be in line with local regulations. Some ordinances and zoning rules prohibit adding structures or cutting down trees, which may interfere with your development plans.

Once you have applied for rezoning, your petition will be up for evaluation by the public and may be published in local newspapers to make it available to comment by the people in the area. In addition to a public meeting to comment and vote on the rezoning, the zoning board will review your application, evaluate your property and consult with relevant departments.

At the next scheduled meeting, the zoning board will vote on your application. They may refuse it, grant it or even grant a zoning variance that is different to the one you requested but still meets your needs and the interests of the community. You will then have to wait for final action to be taken on your zoning application to make it legal, which can take up to 2 months.

Commercial Building Design Services from an Experienced Architect in NJ

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