How to Start Designing Your New Home

Designing and building a new home – whether its reimagining an existing property or starting from scratch – is an exciting journey. You get to define your new lifestyle and a new future through an intense construction process and being prepared is your personal foundation. Here are some tips for helping you start planning the design of your new home with your residential architect.

  • Build your brief: This is a great starting point and it will evolve as you flesh out your house plans, so don’t worry about getting it totally right on the first go. Start with the basics – the number and types of rooms, and any special rooms you want included. Then move on to what’s important to you in a home – a lively family kitchen, lots of natural light, low running and maintenance costs, and so forth. Think about what you want from your home, whether it’s to wake up to a particular view, to make an architectural statement or anything else – remember, it’s your home.
  • Analyze your site: Your site will play a critical role in the design of your home. Consider orientation (for example, to maximize exposure for solar panels or to catch the sunset), privacy from neighbors or roads, views you want to achieve from key rooms, access and parking for your vehicles, and so forth.
  • Building style: A home is a very personal thing and it’s important that your architect understands the style of building you want to create. While it will be influenced by your site, your architect can include elements, materials and concepts that will create your ideal home building style. A good idea is to look through architectural magazines and websites and build a visual collection of homes that inspire you that you can show to your architect.

 Let a Leading Home Architect Firm Design Your Custom Home Plans 

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