Interior Design Trends to Consider for Your Home Remodel

2019 interior was marked by midcentury to Memphis-inspired trends. However, 2020 has, much needed, changes in store. Curves are now a thing, and we are talking about anything from patterns made with free-form shapes, furniture, or doorway to natural materials (like wood, textiles, and cane) Read more here to see what is trending in 2020 from our home remodel architect.

1. Concrete kitchen countertops

2020 will give prominence to the kitchen. Kitchens remains to be the center of household activities. It has evolved over the years to be the focus of the home. One way to redesign your kitchen is to look at your countertop, while concrete is the trend, concrete itself isn’t an ideal option. When you think of concrete, you think o the beautiful grey texture, but the actual material is not as great. Concrete can create some long-term issues for your cabinets because of the nature of how the product is made. However, if you like the look, you can go for quartz. This product is man-made by taking filaments to color granite, making it look like something else. This way, you can get that concrete look with a more designed material for kitchen application. So if you want that new and exciting concrete look that seems to be sweeping the design industry, do it with quartz.

2. Open and Multipurpose Spaces

The trend to integrate different areas of the home to create diaphanous and multipurpose environments is growing significantly. This design will allow you to enjoy more meters, the ones you gain from the eliminated partitions, and very functional spaces for the whole family.

The most common integrated spaces are the kitchen and living room. But joining the living room with a terrace or the living room with the bedroom is also a good idea for your home design.

3. Laminated flooring

Speaking of trends, nothing is more prevalent in the flooring industry than the luxury vinyl plank. It’s the fastest-growing product out in floors today. The reason that vinyl plank is so popular right now is that it tends to be less expensive for the material and installation than hardwood. Vinyl plank is also extremely scratch and dent resistant. Most vinyl planks can have the natural texture embossed on them, so it looks like a hardwood floor.

4. Industrial Style in Housing Architecture

This 2020 trend is defined by asymmetrical forms in construction, both in residential buildings and in other urban infrastructures. It is identified by the combination of iron, wood, aluminum, and even recycled plastic, which makes construction cheaper. Simple lines and the absence of surface elements are also characteristic of the industrial style.

5. Calm, relaxed spaces

The objects you have in your home can either create a sense of calm and well-being or create an unsettling environment. Many designers are now making pieces to create a relaxed feeling in your home. We’ve seen many elements of privacy and sound absorption like sound-blocking curtains. Architects are also focusing on designing more tranquil spaces. The trend towards minimalism in architectural patterns translates into a commitment to simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials. It is a trend to use materials with quality to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation that will result in economic savings and an environmental benefit for your house.

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