Is There Asbestos in Your Commercial Building? How to Remodel Safely

Most people think that asbestos is only a problem that’s found in buildings constructed before 1970, but it’s not true. Asbestos can, by law, still be used in construction and is commonly found in exterior siding insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, wallboards and much more. If you’re planning to remodel, here are some helpful insights from specialists in commercial architecture in NJ.

Is Asbestos in Commercial Buildings Safe? 

The general consensus is that asbestos is safe in commercial buildings if it is left undisturbed. However, the remodeling or refurbishment process is likely to damage any asbestos in your building, releasing microscopic fibers into the air. When these are breathed in, that’s where asbestos is a serious health hazard, as it can lead to lung diseases and cancer. For this reason, health and safety protocols and NJ state guidelines must be followed throughout your commercial building design or remodeling project.

What Steps Must Be Taken? 

Your commercial architect can assist you through this process as part of a construction administration service. It includes the following steps:

  • Determine if there is asbestos on site: Firstly, the presence of asbestos must be determined through a survey process by a licensed inspector. If there is none in the building, then your inspector can sign off on it. If there is asbestos, it needs to be mapped out in full to determine where it is and how much there is of it on site.
  • Contract a licensed professional to remove it: Your state building agency or architect can put you in touch with a licensed asbestos removal professional to clear the site. This should never be done by anyone else – it is the only way to ensure that it is safely and completely removed.

Failing to Comply with State Regulations Leads to Penalties 

Your commercial architect can ensure that you stay compliant with all local and state laws or regulations regarding asbestos in commercial buildings, including if the building is to be demolished or remodeled. This may include notifying public health agencies, inspection and removal criteria, and other administrative details.

Failure to comply with these regulations can be incredibly costly, with fines running into thousands of dollars per day.

Professional Construction Administration Services and Commercial Architecture in NJ 

At the award-winning Seth A. Leeb Architect firm, we specialize in balancing commercial office requirements with the creative design touches that make these buildings truly exceptional. With considerable experience in commercial projects and medical suite projects, we are able to deliver the expertise and skills to deliver outstanding results. Whether you need an interior renovation (tenant fit-out), exterior makeover or a new building, we can assist you. For more information on our commercial architecture in NJ and construction administration offerings, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/

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