Is Your Planned Building Site a Safety Risk?

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For commercial building owners and commercial architects, safety is paramount – whether it’s the safety of contractors and people nearby the construction site during the building process, or the eventual safety of the building’s users after completion. Here are some insights into some of the most common safety concerns from a leading commercial architect in NJ:

  • Soil Quality and Stability

The stability of the ground is a significant factor in building site safety and the future safety of the building, making a professional site analysis essential. The scope of this analysis must take into account geological factors (soil quality, water levels, and the like) as well as taking into account the planned structure for the site. Certain soil and rock types can shift or destabilize, leading to structural damage or collapse if the building and its foundations are not designed to handle this issue. 

  • Working at Heights

Commercial construction frequently involves multiple teams working at dangerous heights. OSHA’s 2017 statistics showed that falls were the main cause of on-the-job fatalities, accounting for 39.2% of total fatalities. High-quality fall protection equipment is essential, whether your building is 2 stories or 25 stories, and all teams working at heights need to be cleared as trained to use this equipment as well as qualified and insured for the relevant job, whether it’s for assessment, ladder work, roof work, tower scaffolds or working on a fragile surface.

  • Tripping and Fall Hazards

Construction sites are hazardous and safety measures need to be taken in order to contain trip and fall hazards as well as minimizing these hazards for workers and on-site visitors. This means securing the construction site and implementing access control, ensuring workers and visitors are supplied with appropriate safety equipment (hard hats, work boots, and so on) and minimizing risks by keeping the site as clean and clear as possible, installing lighting and ensuring equipment can be stored safely out of the way.

These are just a few of the safety considerations that should be part of a comprehensive risk management strategy for commercial construction in NJ.

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