What Are the 3 Main Functions of an Architect?

What Are the 3 Main Functions of an Architect_

Architects are involved in the entire homebuilding journey. From the early stages of conceptualization all the way through to the final product, an experienced residential architect will ensure exactly what the homeowner wants at each step. If you’re ready to design and build your own home, choosing the right architect is crucial. You’ll be working closely with this person and their team on a near-daily basis, so it’s important to find an architect who succeeds in these three key roles:  

Role of Architects in Construction

During the construction phase of your project, your architect is responsible for many elements, including:

  • The artistic and functional design elements
  • Ensuring the foundation and frame are constructed properly, and are stable
  • Working with the contractor to source the necessary materials
  • Keeping track of timeline and budget
  • Maintaining close contact with the client to ensure they are happy as construction progresses

Role of Architects in Project Discussion

The project discussion phase is where an architect meets with different stakeholders involved in the build, like contractors and material suppliers, to understand what’s needed and identify any potential red flags. During this phase, an architect is responsible for:

  • Understanding and communicating the client’s expectations, budget, and timeline. Everyone involved in the project must be on the same page before proceeding to the next step. 
  • Identifying which building permits are needed before construction can begin. Depending on where you live, you’ll most likely need certain permits for the construction of your home, and this is why we recommend working with an experienced architect local to the area who understands the permit approval process. 
  • Making known any potential site limitations and potential limitations with material suppliers. This is crucial, as the architect will be able to know quickly if they need to resort to a plan B. 

Role of Architects in Preparation of Drawings

All construction projects start with a single drawing, and most drawings are done electronically using architecture software. Creating detailed drawings of the home to be built allows the architect to identify any tricky areas, understand what’s possible with the given space, and gives the homeowner more of a solid idea of what their home will look like when the project is done. Many architects use 3D models and 3D views to really bring the drawings to life, and you can even model your landscaping using the latest technology. 

Ensuring the client is happy with the drawings, or renderings as they are often called, gives the architect the green light to go ahead and begin the construction process. It’s an exciting step in the homebuilding journey and there’s no better feeling than watching your dream home become a reality. 

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