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Medical office architect Seth Leeb has significant experience designing interiors and exteriors that enhance the appeal and the operational characteristics of medical and health related practices. Our clients include doctor offices, chiropractors, clinics, medical groups, dental offices, therapy and sport centers.

We can help you select a location for, and design a new medical office building or give your current location a face lift with custom medical office renovations. We work closely with other professionals to create a team approach to satisfy your project goals. Each project requires a team of professionals to complete a medical project. Our team members often include mechanical engineers, medical equipment suppliers, interior designers and client specific technicians. Seth A. Leeb Architect provides complete architectural services for each and every project that include the design, interior design, construction drawings, bidding services and construction administration.  Often times we are hired at a very early stage to evaluate potential spaces and/or sites. During this phase, we can perform test fit-out services where through preliminary sketches evaluate if your program requirement fit in the specific location. See some samples of our work in the healthcare industry below:

Medical Office Design Projects

Key considerations in Modern Medical Office Design & Architecture.

Medical office design in the current regulatory environment must consider a wide range of ancillary concerns beyond pure design and flow functionality. Medical Office Architects must understand the effect that HIPPA compliance has in the design of privacy within the office. The nature and mobility of patients must be considered as well as a reasonable separation of work areas from patient flow as to reduce complexity and stress in the office.The flow of patients, family, staff, information, equipment, supplies and medication must all be carefully considered.

Office exteriors and entryway’s must also convey a sense of substantive, and reliable operation that is both clean and visually appealing. Offices must support positive, client centered patient interactions with staff and doctors at every step, allowing smooth flow of patients in the office, and staff in their workspaces.

Seth Leeb and his team have diverse experience designing medical offices that meet and exceed these kind of criteria, while matching up to the unique needs of every sub-specialty and every individual doctor or practice.

Modern Dental Office Design and Architecture

Dental office design bears special mention for the specific requirements of equipment and patient ergonomics that are common to many practices. Our experience in dental office design includes layouts and equipment for general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgeons, cosmetic dentistry offices, and Orthodontists. We provide cost efficient customized dental office architecture solutions for clients who are opening a new dental office or renovating their current dental practices.

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