Medical Office Suites – Not Your Average Construction Project

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While all commercial buildings have their special requirements, medical office suites require additional care in the design process because of their particular function. Here are some insights from a commercial NJ architect with experience in medical office design.

Form Meets Function, Meets Health 

While there are hundreds of aspects of design, many of them creative and innovative, architects follow the adage that “form follows function” – that is, the physical structure should be determined by its purpose. In medical office design, this means creating a space that allows you to treat and manage patients efficiently and with a high standard of care. Some features of this design philosophy include:

  • Creating single direction traffic flow: Flow through a medical office should take the shape of a loop, so patients don’t retrace their steps or double-back, starting and ending in the reception area. This ensures that patients don’t get lost or confused about where they should go, eliminates bottlenecks and traffic jams, and ensures healthcare providers are unlikely to encounter patients outside of an exam room.
  • Infection prevention: In most medical facilities, picking up an infection is a real risk – after all, you are dealing with sick people. However, the design of your medical office can significantly reduce infection risks. Including sufficient hand washing facilities and ventilation/filtration systems can be combined with building materials that can be cleaned and decontaminated with ease, having private rooms, and providing sufficient accommodation for waiting patients and families.
  • Fall and injury prevention: Medical suites also have to be designed with physical patient safety in mind, with sufficient space and access for wheelchairs and frail patients, good lighting indoors and outside, noise control materials and non-slip flooring.
  • Stress prevention and comfort: Above all else, these facilities are about treatment and healing, and studies by the Agency for Healthcare research and Quality as well as the Harvard Business Review have demonstrated the effect of comfort and style on patient health. In fact, putting effort into an uplifting design and interior has shown to demonstrably improve patient outcomes, reduce stress levels, and improve wellbeing of both patients and staff.

Design, Re-fit or Remodel your NJ Medical Offices and Boost Efficiency and Patient Care 

At the award-winning Seth A. Leeb Architect firm, we specialize in balancing commercial office requirements with the creative design touches that make these buildings truly exceptional. With considerable experience in commercial projects and medical suite projects, we are able to deliver the expertise and skills to deliver outstanding results. Whether you need an interior renovation (tenant fit-out), exterior makeover or a new building, we can assist you. For more information on our medical office architect service offerings, please contact us today or visit our website at http://sethleeb.wpengine.com/


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