Notable Trends to Inspire Your Home’s Design

Architecture and interior design is constantly changing, keeping homes looking fresh, innovative and exciting. Here are some of this year’s biggest trends, according to leading residential architects.

  • Outdoor living space: More than ever, homeowners want to break down the barriers between indoor and outdoor living, allowing them to have a much greater flow between the house and garden. Large patios that can be enclosed, sun rooms and outdoor kitchens are just some of the ways of incorporating the outdoors into your home.
  • Natural light: There’s a big demand for designs that maximize natural light through large windows, wider door openings and skylights. This is popular even in colder climates thanks to advances in glass technology that allows for huge windows without compromising insulation or increasing your spending on energy bills. Large folding glass doors are also popular, allowing homeowners to choose how open or closed they’d like their space to be.
  • Eco-technology: Lowering the running costs of a home and becoming more earth-friendly are trends that show no signs of going away, and homeowners have more options today than in previous years. With the invention of Tesla solar roofs as well as traditional solar panels, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and zero-energy design, homes can move completely off-grid with the right planning.
  • Automation and tech integration: Homes are becoming more connected with our daily lifestyle and experience, and this is being reflected in design trends. Smart homes that offer superior customization and control for everything from room climates, lighting and audio integration to ordering your groceries are a big trend.
  • Artisanal character: Homes are increasingly becoming an extension of the personality and priorities of the people that live in them, and this is demonstrated in the trend towards creating something that is unique and different – no more cookie-cutter homes. Local craftsmanship, handmade fixtures and features and upcycling all help contribute to the creation of very individual homes.

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