Questions You Should Always Ask Your Architect

Essential questions to ask an architect

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from scratch, hiring the right architect is a critical part of the process for you. But what questions should you ask when interviewing potential architects? How do you know which architect is best for you? Our team has put together this helpful list to guide you through the architect interview process. 

What Services Do You Offer?

Different architects offer different scopes of services, and some of the most common services include:


  • Managing the project from start to finish
  • Site inspections
  • Working with you to hire contractors
  • Supervising the contractor’s work as the project progresses
  • To step in and make any necessary design adjustments as the project progresses
  • Review any invoices to make sure the agreed upon work has been completed to your satisfaction


The scope of services you want will depend upon how hands-on you want to be throughout your project. Most of us have work obligations, family commitments, and other things to attend to throughout the week and on weekends, so having an architect that offers an extensive scope of services can be very helpful in taking away much of the stress involved. 

Will the Initial Meeting Cost Money?

While many architects offer initial consultations for free, it’s best to never assume. Initial consultations are informal and you won’t be going into major details, but you’ll still be able to get a feel for the architect’s personality, working style, and decide whether or not you think you’ll be compatible with one another. 

Are You a Licensed Architect?

Although the assumption is that anyone with a variation of the word “architect” in their title is licensed, that’s not always the case. We strongly recommend you only work with a licensed architect, and you can check to see who’s licensed and who’s not by using the NCARB certificate lookup. The database covers all of the United States. 

Will You Hire Contractors for Me?

Many architects have market connections and existing relationships with local contractors, and they may include hiring a contractor in their scope of services. Unless you already have a specific contractor in mind, it’s best to follow your architect’s advice regarding the best contractor for your project. They likely have years of experience working together and will get your home improvement project done sooner. 

Do You Have Your Own Style?

While it’s true that architects are adaptable and can accommodate many different styles, some have a signature style that they bring to all of their designs. For example, if you want a sleek, modern, minimalist feel to your home, you wouldn’t hire an architect who specializes in country cottage designs. Whether you already know which style you want or you’re still weighing the options, ask to see their portfolios so you can get a feel for their personal style. 

Make note of these essential questions to ask your potential architect, and if you have any additional questions about home remodeling in NJ, please contact our team at Seth A. Leeb Architecture today or visit our website at: https://leeb-architecture.com/


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