Remodel or Rebuild? 5 Factors to Consider

Investing in property is always a tough decision, especially when you’re faced with the choice of extensive home remodeling versus starting new from the ground up with the help of a wrecking ball. Here are some tips from a leading residential architect in NJ to help you make the right choice for your home or residential property.

  • Long-term value: In terms of getting the most value for your money over the long-term, rebuilding wins because it essentially resets the clock on the property. Structurally, every element of your home has a lifespan, from roof shingles right down to your foundation. In addition to aesthetic changes, you should also consider the lifespan of current HVAC and electrical systems, plumbing and gutters to help you make a decision. Rebuilding is also ideal for people who want to live in a property for 15 years or so and then sell, as it’s easier and more attractive to sell a 15-year-old property than one that is 40 years old.
  • Budget: In the end, everything comes down to a budget. Remodeling is almost always the more budget-friendly choice, not only because it is generally cheaper but because you can stagger your remodel over the years rather than having to take on a single, large-scale project in its entirety. You can decide which areas are a priority for your remodel and move through them at your own pace as your finances allow, and you can keep a much tighter rein on your budget.
  • Property condition: The state of your property can also help you decide what the better financial choice is. Architects and building professionals generally agree that a build is better than a remodel if the desired improvements won’t fit within the existing house footprint, if the foundation or structure of the home is in very poor condition, and if ceilings are too low with no simple solution for raising them.
  • Building restrictions: One deciding factor that could determine your choice for you is town or municipal building restrictions. Getting city approval for architectural plans – for both extensive remodels and builds – means adhering to building codes. This could rule-out a rebuild and make a remodel a more attractive option.

Get Expert Advice on Your Options from a Leading Residential Architect in NJ 

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