Remodeling an Old Home – 5 Challenges You’ll Face

Old and period homes have so much to offer, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in purchasing these properties and updating them. Although this process can be incredibly rewarding, it’s important to go into these projects understanding that there can be many expensive and difficult challenges to overcome before your dream home emerges. Here are some insights from a residential architect in NJ.

  1. Plumbing problems: Pre-1960s homes often have galvanized pipes which will have become clogged or corroded over time – and these issues may extend to your sewer lines as well.
  2. Moisture: Water is incredibly damaging to a home, affecting walls, flooring and cabinetry as well as creating structural damage. Moisture also causes mold and mildew to thrive and attracts pest infestations. Older homes are especially susceptible to these issues, and leaking pipes or cracks in foundations and walls could mean stripping out walling and flooring, waterproofing and repairing the basement, and more. The extent of these issues is difficult to determine until you start working as so much is hidden, so you’ll need a contingency budget incase it’s worse than you think.
  3. Hazardous materials: Depending on the age of the home, you may have to deal with lead in plumbing pipes and paint, and asbestos in the gutters and ceilings. Pipes can be replaced, or lead filtration systems can be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, while lead paint can be safely covered by latex paint. Asbestos will have to be removed professionally and replaced with a safe material, as the fibers released when asbestos is damaged can cause severe respiratory conditions.
  4. Electrical problems: Often, the wiring of an older home is just not up to the task of handling our modern demands, causing electrical faults that put your home at risk of fires. Old circuitry may also be out of code and you’re most likely going to require more access points than the current home offers.
  5. Dry rot: Over time, wood can become susceptible to a type of fungus that feeds off the wood, causing it to become brittle and decomposed. This can be treated effectively in early stages, but the wood may need replacing if the home has been neglected. Check entryways, windows, siding and frames carefully to see if your property is affected.

Update an Old House into a Dream Home – Speak to a Residential Architect in NJ 

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