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Seth Leeb specializes in custom residential architecture in New Jersey as well as home additions and renovations. From modern construction to arts & crafts style homes, we have over 20 years of experience in residential house design. It is our passion to help you make your dream home an affordable reality.


Hiring A Home Design Architect

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get is “Do I really need to hire an architect for my home renovation?”.

As you might expect, it depends.

We work on projects of all sizes so the issue is really one of complexity, both of the project itself, and of the process of getting approval for your changes and hiring and consulting with a good contractor. Our firm handles all aspects of the design process and remains involved through construction. We are as creative as your budget allows whether it’s a multi million dollar home design from scratch, or a kitchen remodel.


A Traditional And A Modern Home Design Firm

One of the most unique things about the firm is it’s deep resume in both modern home design projects, and renovations for more traditional or historical home architecture. Consider the following projects.

  1. A traditional renovation
  2. A more modern, whole home design.

To see a sampling of our 20 years of residential design work visit our Residential Architecture Gallery page.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hire An Architect!

Yes you are correct, an architect costs money! But when you consider the complexity and budget for your project, it will usually be clear whether it would be safer to have a clear plan for your ideas or to allow the builder to “wing it!”.

Here’s just a few things a licensed architect does to make your dream home project a reality.

  • Brainstorms with you to present ideas that will achieve your goals in ways you may not ever have imagined.
  • Helps you establish and estimate a realistic budget for the project.
  • Looks for ways to help you save money in the design and selection of materials.
  • Consults on site selection and/or site layout and development.
  • Draws up detailed plans in a collaborative effort.
  • Assists with building department approvals.
  • Manages the Contractor bid process.
  • Performs site visits and supervision.
  • Provides plan updates as required.

We provide personal attention and exceptional customer service to our clients. Each project is handled start to finish by our experienced architectural team.

Building a new home or renovating your existing home? We have a portfolio of residential interiors and exteriors to show you. We can come up with options to accommodate your available space, budget, and style, while still creatively incorporating your vision into our architectural designs.

“My Project is Really Small...”

Well then likely, so will be your architectural design fees! Look, not every project needs an architect, but small projects are some of our favorites because we are extremely clever when it comes to making a big difference in your lifestyle, by doing small things. We have worked on projects as small as a bathroom remodel which made a big difference in helping a growing family of 6 and two dogs, have a vastly improved quality of life.

“Seth and his team designed a small renovation for us which added a bathroom area in our traditional cape Code style home, and remodeled our room layout so we have much more room for our family of 6. Working with Seth and his team was a real pleasure and they made this process easy, affordable, and even fun for us!”

- Regina Rockhound, Denville NJ

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